Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Benefits of Group Travel

No doubt, traveling with your spouse or significant other is fun and memorable.  Likely, traveling with your family is exciting, too. 


Ok, well, pretend it is! 

Even traveling with a friend has great benefits.

That said, adding to you and your spouse with several other couples, adding extended family members to your immediate family trip, and gathering a group of friends together for a trip makes for a wonderful and exciting time for all allowing multiple experiences and memories.

There are various benefits to group travel, but most often people find the greatest benefit is price.  Hotels, cruise lines, airlines, etc. are eager to provide group contracts with pricing at a lower cost because it’s less work for them.  We, your group travel agent, are able to pass those savings on to you!

Additionally, many people enjoy the opportunity of traveling with people of similar interest.  Joining a group for travel provides a greater energy and vibe than traveling with just your partner or small family.  In fact, we find many of our evaluations state that ‘this is the only way to travel.’

Enjoying a stress-free trip is a bonus for many as well, as there is little to no planning involved for each individual.  Allowing us, your group travel experts, to coordinate a trip for you permits you to sit back, relax and focus on the enjoyment of your trip instead of planning every hour of your journey.

This stress-free trip will likely come from having a group coordinator on your trip to travel with you!  Groups of a certain size (typically 20) will allow you to have a group coordinator on your trip!  Having this coordinator is key in ensuring that your group stays on their well-planned itinerary and is able to see all the sights and destinations that your group chooses to view.

With these great benefits, we trust you will want to join us for a group trip soon.  If you don’t see a trip you’d like to join us for, let’s create one for your group!

Below are some great ideas for groups:

  • Large families
  • Family Reunion
  • Collegiate class year alumni
  • All collegiate alumni
  • High school class year alumni
  • All high school alumni
  • Destination Weddings
  • Multiple couples and their children
  • Bible study
  • Girlfriends only
  • Guys only
  • Country club
  • Garden club
  • Tennis club
  • Fitness club
  • Golf buddies
  • Anniversary with friends and family
  • Birthday with friends and family

Take the hassle out of group travel; call us to plan your next group trip or join ours!


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