Tuesday, December 18, 2012

When to hire a Travel Specialist

In reading the recent issue of Conde Nast Traveler, they published a great article highlighting the importance of a travel specialist including details and qualities to look for in your ideal travel specialist. 

In reviewing this well-written article, the details of when to hire a travel specialist are a good starting point for people who have not yet determined when to seek the assistance of a travel specialist.  We definitely agree with each of these well-thought reason’s from Consumer News Director Wendy Perrin:

  • highly personalized multi-day itineraries

    We actually spend quite a bit of our time doing this very thing because we pride ourselves in providing business to groups who come to us with a specific request for their travel destination and to-do list for excursions.  If we have a group requesting Holland, for example, we have educated ourselves in the locations to visit in the region, and we have on-location partners that have been interviewed and selected precisely for trips of such nature.IMG_3299 (3)
  • once-in-a-lifetime splurges involving four or five-star hotels

    These are often very special stories of desired trips for anniversaries or splendid celebrations.  Clients are eager to take that trip they’ve never spent the time to plan or think about because children have graduated, a landmark anniversary has come, or perhaps another major life event carries them to explore the trip of a lifetime!  Finding the proper hotels with immaculate service can be tricky in unknown areas of the world, and it’s our pleasure to guide you through your desired destinations to show you why one property is ideal for your needs!IMG_1831
  • English speaking guides and travelers 

    Perhaps this is not a detail that each traveler thinks about in arranging their exciting voyage, rather said traveler assumes this language detail as a given.  We certainly go through extra detail to insure you not only enjoy your excursions and guided tours but also understand them!IMG_1868
  • special access to monuments, events, or people

    Oh wait a detail we love!!!  This is especially exciting to us annually with our trips to NYC and Washington D.C. (as well as other destinations).  It’s a Beyond Group Travel natural to find how we can provide our travelers with special access or exclusive access!  Recently we shared with you that Linda and Ashley took travelers to the Neue Galerie on our Holidays in New York trip, and this visit meant that our travelers were granted before hours access to tour the museum!IMG_1781
  • cruises with private shore excursions

    Of everything listed here, this may be the detail we focus on most often.  Because we work with magnificent partners that allow us the added ability to do enhance our traveler’s experience, we do this for each every one of our cruise travelers.  While we never require you to take your excursions privately, we do always offer the ability to take private shore excursions!IMG_0433

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Source: http://www.cntraveler.com/travel-tips/travel-specialists

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